About Us

Areej is the flagship brand of Olympia Oils (Pvt.) Ltd which is part of the Olympia Group based in Lahore, Pakistan.


Our Mission

To spread health & happiness and improve the quality of life while becoming the leader in targeted segments of edible oil industry.

Our Vision

Establish the brand as a leading brand for the nation towards a healthy and prosperous society with complete range of products serving all segments of population. Our brand will change the way cooking is perceived in our society. As cooking is integral part of human life cycle and health is everyone’s right, we will bridge the gap between quality & price.


Since the inception, Olympia Oils (Pvt) Limited has continuously improved quality and introduced new value added products to its consumers. We aim to produce edible oil of highest quality at affordable prices. We are committed to “healthier and happier living”. This philosophy extends to the environment and our goal to achieve sustainable procurement and sustainable consumption. We pay specific attention to global environmental, labor, and human rights issues. We exclusively source high-quality raw seeds for our products from suppliers across the globe.

Olympia Group

OLYMPIA GROUP is synonymous with the progressive MONNOO business dynasty of Chiniot, through generations. It was established in Calcutta (United India) in 1930, by Haji Mian Dost Muhammad Monnoo (late). On creation of Pakistan in 1947, and upon Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad All Jinnah’s appeal, Olympia transposed to East Pakistan in 1948. However the calamitous events of 1971, forced Olympia Group, to relocate itself in Pakistan. From its ashes, Olympia Group has now emerged as a conglomeration of companies, under circumspect, sagacious and dynamic leadership of Muhammad Munir Monnoo. 

Our Group’s diverse industrial activities encompass synthetic yarn, carpets, textile (spinning), chemicals (soda ash and sodium bicarbonate), edible oil, poultry feeds, day old chicks, poultry farms and fruit and agriculture farm. Each company functions independently, within the group’s broad policy guidelines.

OLYMPIA GROUP prides in professionalism and modernization, in that, technological improvements are constantly sought through Research and Development, introduction of latest technologies to make industrial units energy efficient and to improve production. Imparting of specialized training to enhance technical skills of various cadres is accorded high priority. Occupational safety and health receive full management support and are reflected in the safety record of several injury free years. Safety procedures are constantly reviewed to make manufacturing operations environment friendly. Motivation and welfare schemes for employees are serious concerns and are an un-ending process.